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Merino wool is a renewable resource with amazing benefits:

  • Merino wool is so lush and cozy, much finer and softer than typical wool

  • It adapts to your body temperature so you won't overheat

  • Odor Resistant

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Biodegradable: Merino wool will naturally decompose in soil when it is disposed


The _PORTER_ Cowl 😍! Finally got a pict

Kelsey Haresign - Manitoba based maker has been crafting luxurious knit items since 2015. The fibre artist believes in using natural, renewable resources in her designs. Kelsey creates gorgeous, chunky knit statement pieces as home décor, but also creates  accessory pieces for personal use, and photography.

"My love for knitting started as a child; it was something special my grandmother taught me during one of our visits. I had since forgotten about knitting, finished university, setting out to change the world in the field of mental health. For those of you working in the mental health field, you know that the job can be emotionally difficult and stressful. Knitting became my personal mindfulness practice to unwind after hard days." 

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