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  • Our biggest throw- 48 in x72in (pictured here on a queen and king size bed)Giant Knit Merino Wool Throw Made from 100% unspun merino wool roving- delightfully soft and incredibly warm, this throw is the perfect addition for your living space, bedroom or cottage. WHY MERINO WOOL? Merino wool is a renewable resource, softer than cotton, odor resistant, has moisture wicking properties/dries quickly, keeps you warm and cool- smartwool technology at it's finest! Shedding or pilling wool is natural; this is not a defect. Feel free to shave as necessary. All blankets are lightly felted by hand to help decrease shedding. Spot clean or dry clean to ensure long lasting life! Custom sizing available. Ethically sourced wool from family farms in Great Britain, New Zealand and Peru. Shipment of blanket will be dependent on colour availability. Due to higher demand of certain colours, there could be a back order and processing time for purchase may take longer, for estimate please contact us.

    Oversized Luxury Knit Throw

    • Pilling and shedding of wool fibres is normal and not indicative of defect. Shedding will decrease over time, as fibres are felted together. Any pilling can be easily removed without damaging the blanket; gently remove pills with scissors, or by hand. Do not tear pieces of the blanket out, this will damage the blanket. Smooth out by hand and tuck any peeking pieces back into the stitches. 


      Spot Clean, Dry Clean Recommended

      Do Not Wash in Washing Machine

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